Workaround to GPSolution4 "Network initialization failed" error.

Are you are having trouble running GPSolution4 on a computer due to the following error?

====================== Network initialization failed. Path not found. File: C:\PDOXUSRS.NET Directory: C:\. ======================

PDOXUSRS.NET is a GPSolutions database locking mechanism. The database type is Paradox, and when records are accessed, the NET file is used to lock that record. Now, the file is automatically generated at runtime and placed in the directory pointed to by a NET DIR parameter in the database configuration. By default, the location is set to C:\. If the PDOXUSRS.NET file is deleted, it is generated again when the GPSolution is executed. The Network Initialization Error occurs if the application cannot access the directory pointed to by NET DIR. If C:\ is not accessible, then there lies the problem. Workaround: The NET DIR parameter can be changed through the BDE Administrator application that is located in Control Panel. Follow these steps: 1. Open the BDE Administrator via the Control Panel. Click the Configuration tab and set Configuration / Drivers / Native / Paradox / Net Dir to the desired location of PDOXUSRS.NET, for example E:\ 2. Close all applications restart GPSolution, and the PDOXUSRS.NET file should be created in the new directory.