Wireless Modem Support

Novatel Wireless manufactures, markets and services products identified by the trademarks Minstrel, Merlin, Sage, Expedite, Lancer, Mifi etc. 

To obtain technical support for any Novatel Wireless products, please contact NovAtel Wireless directly:

Phone: 1-888-888-9231, Option #3 (Canada & USA)

(403) 295-4800 (International)

Email: support@novatelwireless.com

Website: http://www.novatelwireless.com/

You have copied NovAtel Inc. (support@novatel.com) on your email, which provides high precision Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. We would be happy to respond to any GPS related inquiries you may have in the future. 

The trademark "NOVATEL" is owned by NovAtel Inc. and is licensed for use by Novatel Wireless, Inc.  However, NovAtel Inc. and Novatel Wireless, Inc. are separate companies and not affiliates.