Which Novatel Position Types Correspond to the GGA Quality Indicator?

These are the NMEA GPGGA GPS Quality Indicator (field#7) used in the OEM4 and OEMV family product:

0 = Fix not available or invalid GPS fix

1 = GPS fix (PSR)

2 = PSR_DIFF, OmniSTAR, CDGPS, unconverged OmniSTAR_HP, or unconverged OmniSTAR_XP


5 = L1_FLOAT, IONOFREE_FLOAT, NARROW_FLOAT, converged OmniSTAR_HP, or converged OmniSTAR_XP

6 = Dead reckoning mode

7 = Manual input mode (fixed position)

8 = Simulator mode

9 = WAAS* *An indicator of 9 has been temporarily set for WAAS (NMEA standard for WAAS not decided yet).

Users can use the GGAQUALITY command to customize the NMEA GPGGA GPS quality indicator. Please refer to the OEM4 or OEMV Family Firmware Reference Manual for more instructions.