Using OmniSTAR over LBand

To configure the receiver to use OmniSTAR over LBAND. You must first have an LBAND enabled model. If you are unsure of this you can send the command LOG VERSION and provide me with the output.

To enable OmniSTAR on LBand you must do the following:

1. Connect the receiver to an LBand capable antenna.
2. Send the command FRESET to the receiver to restore factory defaults if necessary

Where [FREQUENCY] is replaced by the frequency of the OmniSTAR satellite for your region. See for OmniSTAR for the frequency. The frequency must entered in either Hz or kHz.

E.G. ASSIGNLBAND OMNISTAR 1535137500 1200 for AP-SAT or

ASSIGNLBAND OMNISTAR 1557855000 1200 for AMSC West

4.. Using OmniSTAR requires a subscription. If you have not obtained a subscription, call OmniSTAR to get a subscription. Contact information for OmniSTAR available here:

5. Send the command LOG LBANDINFO. You should see FIXEDTIME once you get a subscription. Refer to the LBANDINFO command of the Firmware Reference manual for more details. You can download the firmware reference manual for your receiver here:

6. Send the command LOG BESTPOS.  After some time the solution type will change to OMNISTAR (OMNISTAR, OMNISTAR XP, OMNISTAR HP depending on what subscription you have).