USB Bit Rate (OEM4-G2/OEMV)

Q.] Why is the USB Bit Rate the same for the OEM4-G2 and the OEMV GPS Card hardware?

A.] The OEM4-G2 and OEMV hardware are both based on the Intel PXA255 processor, and they both use the same USB driver.

Q.] What is the maximum bit rate of the USB port on an OEM4-G2/OEMV GPS receivers?

A1.] Safe Answer = 1.0 Mbps

A2.] Plausible Answer =~ 1.5 Mbps

A3.] Risky Answer = 1.87 Mbps Explanation: + The maximum bit rate you'll be able to get out of the USB port will vary depending on what logs you have requested and how much CPU idle time is available. At 1.87 Mbps, the card starts having CPU overloads and sustained periods of 0% idle time. Different log requests will yield different results as some logs are more CPU intensive to generate than others (RANGEB is relatively inexpensive to generate). + For maximum throughput, you need to log in binary format. + How much CPU is available for logging will also depend on the position type. In the 1.87 Mbps example, the card was in single point. You can expect less throughput if the card has an OmniSTAR position, which is computationally intensive to calculate + If you're running your own user application using the API feature, all bets are off; watch the CPU idle time to get a sense for how hard you can push the USB throughput when your application is running.