SSII RF Front-End Details

The Superstar II RF front end has two stage band pass filters; an RF ceramic filter at 1575.42MHz and an IF SAW filter, 35.42MHz. The RF ceramic filters function is to attenuate RF out-of-band signals (Inmarsat, radios, etc). This filter's bandwidth is 10MHz, it has -12 dB rejection at 1501MHz and -25 dB rejection at 1625MHz. The GPS L2 band rejection is -25 dB. The IF SAW filter has a very narrow pass band (2.35MHz). This filter's function is to attenuate the mixing spurs and harmonics. The rejection performance is -40 dB at 28MHz, -30 dB at 31MHz, -21dB at 33.5MHz, -21dB at 40MHz, -25 dB at 63MHz, -28 dB at 73MHz and -35 dB at 100MHz.