SPAN Integration with HYPACK software

NovAtel drivers are available in both HYPACK and HYSWEEP. The attached text file contains all the necessary logs and commands to configure a NovAtel SPAN-SE receiver for operation in HYPACK.  Please see the following notes regarding the file below:

  • All HYPACK logs are sent over COM1 
  • All HYSWEEP logs are sent over ICOM1 (Ethernet port)
  • The default IP address ( is used
  • The 1PPS is set to output on EVENT-OUT 1

 SPAN_HYPACK_CONFIG.txt can be downloaded to send commands as a batch using NovAtel Connect software. This file can be edited to add/remove logs, adjust COM port numbers, change the IP address, etc. To run as a batch file in NovAtel Connect, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and save SPAN_HYPACK_CONFIG.txt
  2. Open SPAN_HYPACK_CONFIG.txt in a text editor. Make necessary adjustments to lines 1-3 based on your IMU type and measured offsets. The IP address and ports for logging can also be adjusted.
  3. Save all changes (keep the .txt extension).
  4. Establish communication with the receiver over USB using NovAtel Connect software.
  5. Close all graphical windows in Connect
  6. Go to Tools > Run Batch
  7. Click Browse and select the SPAN_HYPACK_CONFIG.txt batch file from the directory. 
  8. Click Run to run the batch file
  9. The receiver will respond with an <OK acknowledgement for each command
  10. Close Connect and proceed to HYPACK

For more information on NovAtel SPAN integration with HYPACK software please consult the following Application Note:

Attachments: SPAN_HYPACK_CONFIG.txt