The RTKNETWORK command is used to set the RTK network mode for a specific network on firmware version 3.213 or later. An example of the command is as follows: RTKNETWORK VRS Please consult the OEMV Family Firmware Reference Manual for a detailed description of the RTKNETWORK command. Without enabling network RTK, the receiver will act in traditional RTK mode. When rover works with traditional base, after a reference ID changing (change in base station), the rover will hold a differential solution for 60s by default. The user cannot get matched solution for over 60s, but may still get fast solution with differential lag aging. When network RTK is enabled, there is no hold time for a reference ID changing, just the locktime of reference observation will be reset. Users will get matched solution within 10 s. One exception to this rule is the use of FKP network. The RTKNETWORK mode can be left as DISABLED. For more information on Network RTK, refer to the Network RTK application note available on our website as APN-041 at: http://www.novatel.com/Documents/Bulletins/apn041.pdf