RtDll and RtkNav

RtDll is the processing library used by the high accuracy real-time RtkNav software package. RtDll can perform on-the-fly ambiguity or float carrier phase solutions on data streams from 1 base and multiple GPS rover receivers. Typically the RtkNav software is used only for situations where you wish to process data from multiple rovers at a central location. Examples include container port applications, a ship ranging to buoys, monitoring deformation of slopes, and so on. The software requires raw binary carrier phase data from the base station and each rover. The data can be transmitted by serial or network. Each GPS receiver must have its own serial port or network port. The RtDll processing engine is a Win32 dynamic link library can be implemented from another C or C++ program provided that the RTK Developers Kit is purchased together with an RtkNav license. Cost of the RtkNav license depends on the number of rovers you wish to process at the base station.