RF Accessories Suppliers

The following list of companies supply inline RF accessories such as amplifiers, attenuators, bias-T's, splitters, filters, and more.

==- #1.) Name: WR, Inc. Phone: (408) 294-5746 Fax: (408) 294-3845 Website: http://www.gpsnetworking.com/ Comments: Specializes in customized parts & TNC inline attenuators. Attenuators: http://www.gpsnetworking.com/products/xxattenpd.htm

==- #2.) Name: StarLink, Inc. Phone: (512) 832-1331 Website: http://www.starlinkdgps.com Comments: Good for inline amps, splitters, and bias-T's.

==- #3.) Name: Ted Manufacturing Corporation Phone: (913) 631-6211 Contact: Linda Cody Email: lrcody@swbell.net Comments: Specialize in notch filters (i.e., 155 MHz band)

==- #4.) Name: Mini-Circuits Phone: (718) 934-4500 (World HQ) (417) 335-5935 (Missouri Office) 44 1252-835094 (UK - Europe Office) Fax: (718) 332-4661 (World HQ) (417) 335-5945 (Missouri Office) 44 1252-837010 (UK - Europe Office Website: http://www.minicircuits.com Comments: Good source for misc GPS inline RF equipment, and especially inline attenuators. Attenuators: http://www.minicircuits.com/dg02-126.pdf Attenuators appear to have BNC connectors.

For more information on using inline RF accessories with NovAtel GPS equipment, please refer to the following application note: http://www.novatel.ca/Documents/Bulletins/apn003.pdf Note: This list of RF accessory suppliers is provided for information purposes only. NovAtel does not endorse any of these suppliers or their products. The information provided was accurate at the time of publication. Please confirm all specifications, models, and part numbers with the manufacturer prior to ordering.