ProPak-V3 COM2/AUX Power via POUT pin#4

The Propak-V3 will source power output on pin#4 of the COM2 and AUX ports. The voltage level on pin#4 will be slightly lower than the input voltage power supply to the ProPak-V3; i.e., if the input voltage is 12.0 VDC, the POUT voltage on COM2/AUX pin#4 will be roughly 11.9 VDC (100 mV drop). POUT on COM2/AUX pin#4 is capable of sourcing up to 2.0 Amps maximum current, although the voltage level will dip down to 10.5 VDC (for a 12.0 VDC input) when the current load is close to maximum.