ProPak-G2plus and ProPak-V3 Solid Green LED in RS-422 Configuration

Q.] Our ProPak-V3-424 receiver has solid green LED lights on COM1 and COM3, even when receiving and transmitting data -- is this normal?

A.] Yes, RS-422 configured ports have a solid green LED always, so your receiver is behaving normally for this configuration. In the case of your ProPak-V3-424, the "424" suffix indicates COM1=RS-422, COM2=RS-232, and COM3=RS-422, so the COM1 and COM3 LEDs are solid green, but the COM2 LED is dark or flashing. Additional Information: In RS-232 mode, the comport LED will flash green for transmit, and red for receive. When the port is configured for RS-422, the LED is always solid green, which is a good method of determining whether or not a port is configured for RS-422 (solid green LED) or RS-232 (dark or red/green flashing LED).