OEMV receiver 50Hz logging capability

50Hz logging capability is available on most OEMV products (except SMARTV1/V1G) (See note #4).

50Hz measurement and PVT recording logs includes: RANGECMP, BESTPOS, BESTVEL or NMEA


1. No more than one single log at 50Hz at one time.

2. Other ONTIME triggered logs should also be limited to avoid receiver CPU processor and com port buffer overload, resulting in data gaps. The receiver CPU idle percentage (reported in the log header) should not dip below 10%.

3. It is recommended to record NovAtel logs in binary format (NMEA sentences can only be ASCII).

4. F- models are available on the following hardware platforms: OEMV-1 HW Rev: 3.01 and up OEMV-1G HW Rev: 1.01 and up OEMV-2 HW Rev: 3.01 and up OEMV-3 all hardware versions. Hardware platforms can be confirmed by either checking the version log or through the NovAtel sticker on the hardware itself. In the version log an "F" will appear at the end of the model name field.

5. The DL-V3 does not support simultaneous logging of both, BESTPOSB and BESTVELB, to the flash card.

6. 50Hz GPS+GLONASS is not supported.

7. The F-model can be purchased through sales.