NovAtel USB drivers for Windows XP and Vista

NovAtel USB drivers version is supported on Windows XP and Vista system computers. Here is the link where you can download the latest released USB drivers: 

If you have any problem installing the drivers onto your computer, please follow these recommended procedures: 
1) Uninstall all existing NovAtel driver on your computer. 
2) Manually delete all ngps* files from “C:\WINDOWS\system32”. 
3) Run the USB driver installer “USBDriver_Setup_4.1.0.4390.exe” again. 

If the problem persists after you have tried the recommended procedures. You can download the standalone USB driver package without the installer to manually install the drivers onto your computer. 

If the Found Hardware Wizard on the computer does not pop up when you connect the powered receiver to the computer via a serial to USB cable, then you can go to the computer's Control Panel -> System Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click to select “Scan for hardware changes”.