How to create a "SPAN" log GROUP on DL4plus & IMU

This example shows how to create a GROUP and configure the DL4plus for the typical SPAN data collection by sending text-based commands. In the following example, the group name of "SPAN" is used.



interfacemode aux imu imu off

setimutype IMU_HG1700_AG11

setimutoantoffset x y z

group clear

group add SPAN

grouplog add SPAN file inspvasb ontime 0.1

grouplog add SPAN file rawimusb onnew

grouplog add SPAN file inscovsb onnew

grouplog add SPAN file rangecmpb ontime 1

grouplog add SPAN file rawephemb onchanged

grouplog add SPAN file bestgpsposb ontime 1



Once the above commands are entered, the SPAN group can be executed via LCD keypad:

1. Press the "Right Arrow" (->) key until the "CONFIG LOGGING" menu appears.

2. Scroll down to PICK and Press the key to select "SPAN", activate it by pressing the key again.

3. Scroll down to APPLY and press the key to select "YES", activate it by pressing the key again.

Please replace "IMU_HG1700_AG11" with " IMU_HG1700_AG17" if a 10 degree IMU was used.

Lever Arm Configuration: Please measure the offset FROM IMU TO Antenna as accurate as possible (cm level). X - out the right hand side (+) Y - forward (+) Z - up (+) The lever arm calibration can be performed using "LEVERARMCALIBRATE" command to obtain an accurate lever arm (mm level) but this should only be done when the receiver is operating in RTK (RT2) mode.

Please refer the SPAN user manual for more detail on the lever arm calibration.