GPS-C032 30 m RF Cable Technical Specifications

The GPS-C032 RF cable is a cable assembly comprising the following: 1x 30 m RF cable with male N-type connectors 2x 45 cm 'pigtail' RF cables with female N-type connectors at one end to interface with the thicker 30 m RF cable, and male TNC connectors at the other end to interface with typical NovAtel GPS receivers and antennas. Here are some detailed specifications for the main 30 m RF cable (not including the end feed 'pigtail' adapters): NovAtel Part Number: GPS-C032 Operating Frequency: 5 GHz max Impedance: 50 +/- 1 Ohm Operating Temperature Range: -40 C to +80 C Installation Temperature Range: -25 C to +70 C Maximum Loss: 9.5 dB at 1.6 GHz Typical Loss: 7.0 dB at L2, 8.5 dB at L1 DC resistance: 0.1 Ohm max Shielding Effectivness: 100 dB min at 2 GHz Flame Retardant PE (LSOH): Yes - Flame Propagation: IEC 332-1 - Halogen Content: IEC 754 - Ozone resistance: IEC 811-2-1 Typical Weight: 6 kg Minimum Bending Radius: - Main Feed: 70 mm (once) and 110 mm (repeated) - End Feeds: 10 mm (once) and 50 mm (repeated) As of HW revision 1A, this RF cable is now RoHS compliant. GPS-C032 30 m RF cable plus TNC pigtail cables total system RF loss figures, including all inline connector losses (directly measured): L1 (1575.42 MHz): -11.3 dB L2 (1227.60 MHz): -10.3 dB