GPS Antenna Power Load

Q1.] Do the power consumption figures for your OEMV GPS cards include GPS LNA power consumption?

A1.] No. The power consumption figures quoted in the manuals and on the spec sheets are for the GPS Card only. If the GPS Card is powering the GPS antenna's LNA, then the power consumption will be higher.

Q2.] How much power does the GPS antenna consume?

A2.] This depends on the electrical characteristics of the GPS antenna, but a general figure is 0.5 Watts. For example, OEMV-2 with 702-GG Antenna: Our manual states that typical power consumption values for the OEMV-2 GPS Card are 1.2W GPS only and 1.7W GPS and GLONASS. At 3.3 VDC, this would translate into a current draw of 515 mA. If you add a 702-GG GPS+GLONASS antenna to the system, this adds another half a watt of power consumption, for a total current draw of 636 mA.