GLONASS Slot Number and Frequency Channel

The OEMV-1G, OEMV-2 and OEMV-3 can track GLONASS satellites. Up to 12 channels can be configured to track GLONASS signals that can be used in the solution. When a PRN in a log is in the range 38 to 61, then that PRN represents a GLONASS Slot where the Slot shown is the actual GLONASS Slot Number plus 37. Similarly, the GLONASS Frequency channel offset values shown in logs is the actual GLONASS Frequency plus 7.

For example:

#SATVISA,COM1,0,53.5,FINESTEERING,1363,234894.000,00000000,0947,2277; TRUE,TRUE,46, 2,0,0,73.3,159.8,934.926,934.770, ... 43,8,0,-0.4,163.7,4528.085,4527.929, ... 3,0,0,-79.9,264.3,716.934,716.778*b94813d3

where 2 and 3 are GPS satellites and 43 is a GLONASS satellite. Its actual GLONASS Slot Number is 6. The SATVIS log shows 43 (6+ 37). Its actual GLONASS frequency is 1. The SATVIS log shows 8 (1+7). With negative GLONASS frequency, the GLONASS related logs will output Frequency channel offset values or Frequency channel values according to the OEMV Family Firmware Reference user manual. For example PRN 54 (GLONASS Slot Number is 17): GLOALMANAC -1 (Frequency channel values range from -7 to 13) GLORAWEPHEM 6 (Frequency channel offset values range from 0 to 20) GLOEPHEMERIS 6 (Frequency channel offset values range from 0 to 20)