Finding the distance in meters between 2 Decimal degrees Coordinates

This is a simplified calculation that assumes the earth is perfectly round. It is useful for small distances and estimations. It does not take into account the height at where the coordinates are because an approximation of the earths radius is used. For a more accurate distance calculation, taking into account the height and the non round shape of the earth the you may want to use a post processing software. Given the coordinates of two locations on earth, how do we find the distance between them? Assume that the earth is perfectly round and the radius of the earth is as follows Equatorial Radius = 6378200m Polar Radius = 6356750m These formulas are basically that of a geometric arc or sector length s = Theta * radius, where Theta is in radians. Calculating the distance between two latitudes Latitude Difference [m] =|Lat1 - Lat2| / 360 * polar radius * 2 * pi =|Lat1 - Lat2| *(pi / 180) * polar radius Calculating the distance between 2 longitudes is a bit more complicated because it requires the respective latitudes in the formula. The latitudes are needed because the distance between two longitudes at the equator is larger than the distance between two longitudes at the poles. In this case an average between the latitudes is used. Longitude Difference [m] = |Lon1 - Lon2| / 360 * equatorial radius * 2* pi * cosine( (Lat1 + Lat2) / 2 ) = |Lon1 - Lon2|*(pi / 180 )* (equatorial radius * cosine( (Lat1 + Lat2) / 2 ) So the distance between the two coordinates using the Pythagoras theorem is Distance = sqrt( latitude diference^2 + longitude difference^2 )