Downloading SPAN-SE SD data from FTP

You can use any FTP client to communicate with the SPAN SE. The easiest one to use is the FTP client built into Windows. Open a command prompt and type in "ftp". It will activate the default Windows FTP client. Assuming you have already setup your computer's IP address to 192.168.0.something (SPAN-SE User Manual: for instructions on setting up an Ethernet connection), you can open the SPAN-SE's FTP port directly using the command "open".

Press enter if it asks you for a Username, and it will show "230 Logged in". You can then use simple DOS commands to communicate with the receiver. When you download a file through FTP using the "get" command, the file will be saved at the location where the command prompt window was opened from. Use the command "bye" to exit the client. Here's a screen shot of what the FTP communication will look like.

ftp> open 
Connected to 
220 SPAN FTP Ready 
User ( 
230 Logged in 
ftp> dir 
200 Port command okay 
150 Opening data connection for LIST (,-9769) 
07/Nov/2011 20:55:08 901160 SPAN_0.LOG 
06/Jan/1980 00:00:14 179461827 SPAN_1.LOG 
08/Nov/2011 16:01:34 287476738 SPAN_2.LOG 
06/Jan/1980 00:00:22 85896591 SPAN_3.LOG 
09/Nov/2011 20:27:26 184964789 SPAN_4.LOG 
226 File sent OK - 225 bytes in 0.002 sec 
ftp: 225 bytes received in 0.03Seconds 6.82Kbytes/sec. 
ftp> get span_0.log 
200 Port command okay 
150 Opening data connection for RETR (,-9767) 
226 File sent OK - 901160 bytes in 2.727 sec 
ftp: 901160 bytes received in 2.73Seconds 329.97Kbytes/sec. 
ftp> bye 
221 Goodbye!

You cannot use NovAtel Explorer to download data from the SD card.  

FTP commands supported by the SPAN-SE are documented in the SPAN-SE User Manual.