Does OEM4/OEMV API support Compact Flash file system?

Yes, the suite of functions in the CompactFlash file system enables the user to access an MS-DOS file system through a familiar POSIX-like interface. (Only on OEM4-G2 HW revision 3.02 or above including the OEMV-3) With the OEM4/OEMV CompactFlash file system, the user is able to: . Open and close files . Search for files . Read from and write files in a variety of ways (character, string, and raw) . Check the end-of-file and error conditions of an open file . Get and set the file position indicator of an open file . Flush an open file's write buffer to disk . Check the size and modification date of any file . Create, rename, and remove files . Create, remove, read, and traverse directories ** This feature requires additional hardware which will make use of the 100 pin expansion slot on the OEM4-G2 and OEMV-3 board. NovAtel does not provide the hardware.