DL-V3 CF Disk Write Speed

Q1.] How fast can the DL-V3 write data to the NovAtel supplied SanDisk CF (CompactFlash) disk?

A1.] The CF disk write speed varies depending on the amount of data written and the type of write: Scenario 1 Writing 1Mb, one byte at a time Time Approx: 11.67 sec. Max Approx: 89,850 bytes/sec (718,800 baud) Scenario 2 Writing 1MB, 8kb at a time Time Approx: 7.69 sec. Max Approx: 136,350 bytes/sec (1,090,800 baud) Writing 8kB blocks of data is more efficient than writing one byte at a time, which results in a faster CF write speed. Different CF disk manufacturers may cause the DL-V3 to have different CF write speeds, depending on the speed of the CF disk itself.

Q2.] How does this translate to NovAtel data logging rates and CF disk recording rates?

A2.] The DL-V3 is capable of logging at least one message at 20 Hz to the CF disk without any issues. For example, LOG RANGECMPB ONTIME 0.05 ..works just fine. Multiple messages logged at 20 Hz will increase DL-V3 CPU usage, so CF write reliability with multiple 20 Hz logs is reduced when more messages are requested. CPU idle % should remain above 10% for optimal logging and CF writing performance, and CPU idle % can be monitored in the header of all NovAtel output messages.