Description Frequently asked on Position/Velocity type and Solution Status

The purpose of this page is to provide further explanation on Position/Velocity type and Solution Status used by OEM4 and OEMV receivers. The following descriptions are among those most frequently asked. [Position or Velocity Type]

1. DOPPLER_VELOCITY Velocity computed using instantaneous Doppler Velocity accuracy: 0.03m/s RMS

2. PROPAGATED Propagated by a Kalman filter without new observations The solution was predicted by a Kalman filter because no observations are available.

3. L1_FLOAT Floating L1 ambiguity solution. Position accuracy: < 20 cm CEP, Velocity accuracy: 0.03 m/s

4. IONOFREE_FLOAT Floating ionospheric-free ambiguity solution Use L1 floating point ambiguities corrected by L2 to remove ionospheric effect. Good for long distance.

5.NARROW_FLOAT Floating narrow-lane ambiguity solution L1L2 dual frequency floating point ambiguities. Position accuracy: 1000 m) This means, sigma_X^2 + sigma_Y^2 + sigma_Z^2 + sigma_dT^2 > 1000 m The horizontal standard deviation will be lager than Sqrt(250 + 250) m