Delay in Omnistar VBS Position Type on Startup #2

Customers may see a longer startup time for a "blanked" receiver that is started on a beam with the old (but still current) OmniStar VBS broadcast format. The "blanked" state can arrise from firmware changes and use of the FRESET command. NOTE: THIS DELAY MAY BE AS LONG AS 45 MINUTES. Cause of delay: After starting up, the OEMV-1, OEMV-3, and the ProPak-LB GPS receivers are looking for base station position information in the new (VBS2) format. If no VBS2 corrections are obtained within the first 2 minutes, the receivers switch to looking for OmniStar VBS corrections in the old (VBS)format. If the suite of OmniStar correction messages starts during this time, the ProPak-LB GPS receiver must wait an additional 15 minutes for the start of the next suite. Two consecutive suites are required. NOTE: This should only affect the startup time for a receiver with a blanked memory. Once loaded with OmniStar VBS base station data, subsequent startups should be rapid with either broadcast format (informal tests have shown as little as 3-5min to get VBS). Once OmniStar switches to the new broadcast, startup for a blanked receiver will improve (typically 8 minutes).