Delay in OmniStar VBS Position Output on Startup

This issue only affects the time from startup until the first VBS corrections are used; OmniStar L-band signal acquisition is not affected. Because of a change Omnistar has made to how the datum information is passed to subscribers in VBS2, there is a wait time until the OmniStar VBS2 library provides the "Link ID" for the signal that is being tracked. Only after the Link ID has been downloaded can the GPS receiver match up the signal with the list of datums and know which is the correct datum to be using. The message containing the Link ID is only broadcast about once a minute. Even if the library starts generating corrections before that, the ProPak-LB GPS receiver cannot use them until this message is received. So, in the current software (FW 2.312), the VBS corrections are not usable for up to one minute after the GPS receiver starts getting Omnistar data. This mechanism can add an extra minute to the time it takes for the ProPak-LB GPS receiver to generate a VBS corrected position.