Customized BESTPOSV Message Includes Receiver Serial Number

Some of our customers run networks of GPS receivers which return position information to a central "base", and have requested a means by which the identity of the rover might be established within a single output message. To resolve this need, a user defined message called "BESTPOSV" has been created, which is the BESTPOS message with the GPS receiver serial number tacked on the end like so:


This BESTPOSV message outputs in abbreviated ASCII (BESTPOSV), full ASCII (BESTPOSVA), and binary (BESTPOSVB). Furthermore, this message will work on both the OEM4 and OEMV hardware families, with any model and/or firmware version loaded. To create this log, cut and paste the following into your OEM4 or OEMV GPS receiver using any simple terminal program:

see attached

(press enter to insert this message definition string into the GPS receiver)

If you ever want to remove the BESTPOSV message from your GPS receiver, just enter "FRESET MSGDEFN" to clear it out of NVM. Note: If you are running a DL4, ProPak-LB, or customized application on your GPS receiver, the strings associated with the PDC Card, L-Band Card, Xilinx Card, and/or Application Name will also be included at the end of the BESTPOSV message.

Attachments: BESTPOSV.txt