Connecting to NovAtel's FTP Site

You must use "passive transfers" to access NovAtel's FTP site. There are two methods that you can use to access NovAtel's FTP site using "passive transfers":

1.) Access the FTP site using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher. You can check the version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that you are running by clicking the "Help->About Internet Explorer" menu option. You can update your version of Microsoft Internet Explorer using Microsoft's update tool here: Passive FTP transfers are not enabled by default, so please do the following to enable passive transfer FTP with your copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer: - Go to Tools menu in Microsoft Internet Explorer - Select the "Internet Options..." menu item - Click the "Advanced" tab - Check the box for "Use passive FTP for ..." - Click "Apply" - Click "Ok" - Close Microsoft Internet Explorer - Open Microsoft Internet Explorer again - Try clicking the "" link that was provided in the email above and you should now be able to access NovAtel's FTP site.

2.) If option #1 doesn't work for you, then you can try using an FTP program instead. WS_FTP is a good program to use for this because it lets you make "profiles" to connect to various FTP sites, and the "advanced" tab for each profile lets you check a box that says "passive transfers" which will let you access NovAtel's FTP site using passive transfer mode. You can use the username "anonymous" and just use your email address for the password. If you need a copy of WS_FTP please visit Ipswitch's website at this link: (Note: NovAtel does not have any affiliation with Ipswitch; they are provided as a source for FTP software here merely for your information and convenience.)