Compact Flash Card Supported by DL Series Receivers

The DL series receivers support SanDisk card with FAT/FAT16 format. This format limits the memory size to 2 GB max. Only Type 1 cards are allowed because the receivers cannot handle the thickness of the Type II cards. It is possible that other brands media will work with DL series receiver, if the chip timings of compact flash card are compatible with SanDisk. We are currently supplying compact flash cards from Delkin Devices (Industrial Grade and Extended Temperature) with our DL-V3 receivers. Here is the link to their website: Please note that the card can be read by Windows, however files on the card should not be deleted when doing this. Files can be copied over, but problems occur when Windows deletes a file on the card and the receiver tries to read the card again. This is caused by Windows creating a recycle bin on the card, which the DL series receiver has problems with. When this occurs, please reformat the compact flash card using receiver by issuing the DISK FORMAT command. If it's not possible to execute DISK FORMAT on the DL series receiver, here is how to format the CF disk using Windows. Please use a 'Card Reader' that is connected to a Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 based (not ME or XP) computer. In the Windows Explorer, select the newly added 'Removable Disk' and format the CF disk FAT/FAT16.