CMC SSII, Allstar, SSI Binary Protocol Vs. NovAtel SSII Binary Protocol

- NovAtel SSII and the CMC Allstar are different in size and pinout with respect to hardware. SSII Hardware Manual Allstar Hardware Manual - Adding options is not available on the NovAtel SSII. Available models and their capabilities can be found in Appendix A of the SSII firmware manual - Although the binary and NMEA communications protocols are the same, "passwords" (UGPS-ABC) used to change settings on the receiver may have changed. Some of the fields in some of the messages have also changed. To see if this affects you, consult the firmware user manuals of the respective receivers SSII Firmware manual Allstar Firmware Manual - If your interface software depends on timing of the messages (the delay of the message after the 1PPS output) please consult the previously mentioned manuals for the differences. - Message 30 has been added to the NovAtel SSII. - NovAtel Firmware cannot be loaded onto CMC receivers.