CMC Allstar and PRN32

The Allstar receiver has an issue when it begins tracking PRN32. The workaround is the deselection of PRN32 using message 90. Starview can be downloaded at the following location. The manual for the Allstar receiver can be downloaded at the following location. You can connect to the receiver using Starview (File/port -> Autoconnect) . The click on Tool setting -> Deselect -> SV. In the window that appears, check mark the GPS SV's they want to deselect and click Send. "Deselection" can be confirmed by requesting message ID49. In Starview click on Window -> Status -> Receiver Status. Right click on the window that appears and click one shot. PRN32 in the window will be Red instead of black. As these receivers have been End Of life'd, the only other solution is to update your hardware.