Clearing NVM using the FRESET Command [OEMV]

When you issue a FRESET command, the receiver erases all of the non-volatile memory in the receiver and reboots. When erasing the receiver writes zeroes to the specific NVM elements. Here is a list of data that is zeroed when a FRESET command is issued..

- User Configuration;

Saved commands

- GPS Almanac

- Glonass Almanac

- GPS Ephemeris

- Glonass Ephemeris

- OmniStar Sites

- OmniStar Almanac

- OmniStar Data

- OmniStart Service Structures

- OmniStart HP Data

- OmniStart HP Configuration

- OmniStart Visibility Data

- Channel Configuration

- SBAS Almanac

- Last stored position

- Inertial Navigation System state and covariance

- Last entered FIX command

- Inertial Navigation System Lever Arm position

- Vehicle Body Rotation

What is not zeroed includes...

- OmniStar subscription

- Enclosure version info

- Model Info

There is no way to recall erased NVM after a FRESET.