CDU Debug *.log File

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When using NovAtel's CDU software, we sometimes see an independent *.log file is created when we are logging our own data. Here's a sample of what we see inside this independent *.log file:

-------------------Data logging begin : 559042000 WeekMSec-------------------

------------------------Minimum Rx idle time : 10.00% -----------------------

-----------------------ReceiverSerialNo : SAS06059240 -----------------------

----------------------Receiver Firmware: 2.305 ------------------------

---------------------------------SBAS : Yes ---------------------------------

-------------------------------Glonass : No --------------------------------

--------------------------------LBand : Yes ---------------------------------

-------------------------------LBand HP : Yes -------------------------------

---------------------------------SPAN : Yes ---------------------------------

559043000:I:B:9.00 559043000:I:B:9.00 559043000:I:B:9.00 . . .

What is this file and what do its contents mean?

====== Answer: ======

CDU has generated a debug *.log file to report some problems it observed while you were logging your own data. In this case, it looks like the GPS receiver is getting pushed to its limits: 559043000:I:B:9.00 55904300: GPS Milliseconds in the week I: A problem with the receiver's idle time B: The message that resulted in this entry in the log file is a 'B'inary message 9.0: The receiver's idle time is at 9% When the entry is not an 'idle time' error, the format is slightly different and will be like this: [GPS Milliseconds]:[Idle]:[C,U]:[B,A]:[Data] [Idle]: The last known receiver Idle % [C,U]: (C)RC Error, (U)nknown Data [B,A]: (B)inary, (A)scii [Data]: For (C)RC errors, a copy of the message with a bad CRC. For (U)known Data, a copy of these unknown bytes.