1PPS access on the Deutsch Cable for the Flexpak

The Deutsch-to-DB9F cable that we supply with the FlexPak unit only breaks out the serial signals on the DB9F connector (RXD, CTS, GND, RTS, TXD) Also some POUT but no 1PPS. The 1PPS lead on pin#10 is connected at the Deutsch end, however not at the DB9 end. So if you cut off the DB9F connector you can access the pin#10 wire to get at the 1PPS. You could then re-wire a DB9F connector onto the severed end of the cable to provide serial port access to the COM2 port again. Or if you want to keep the cable intact, you may wish to consider making an inline solution. You would be making the 1pps accessible in between the receiver and the cable while connecting the rest of the lines straight through. You would need a male and female Deutsch connector. The cable is equipped with a 13-pin Deutsch connector (Deutsch part number: 59064-11-35SF).